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PS #ctarageandhippos

Celebrate what’s right in the world, y’all. (But seriously, I was taking a picture of a weird janky umbrella that was over a fence and covering the sidewalk instead of in the yard when I noticed the amazing backdrop.)

She sure is a lot cuter when she isn’t jumping on my face with her claws out at 5:30am as part of World War Cat. #tearsandtearsyall But seriously, talk about an effective alarm clock… Something to legit rival any #theincrediblemachine creations from our youth. PS no cats in our room at bedtime starts this evening.

  • [Sitting in the office guessing what's in the mashed potatoes I made, after arguing about how I didn't bring him cut orange juice with dinner, and whether he always finishes his cut orange juice or not when I do bring it (he doesn't)]
  • Sham: You wanna come watch my tennis anime with me in the living room?
  • Me: Ummm I'll sit there and organize but I'm probably not gonna watch.
  • Sham: I'm hoping maybe there's some cut OJ out there for me...

Well, that’s decided. A Saturday morning constitutional officially needs to happen every week. #selfhelp #wouldntcomplainifshamswitchesclothestothedryerwhileimouteveryweektoo 😻🌈

πŸ‚πŸ! (at Oak Park Farmers Market)

This. (at Oak Park Farmers Market)